Wednesday, October 7, 2015

GOT IT!! UFO Sightings TR3B SHOCKS Orange County CA 2015 Eyewitness Evid...


  1. I live in Whittier, Ca., and I too saw this enormous "V" in the night sky during the Blood Moon. It was very close to us here, it seemed. I have to say it made me feel a little uneasy seeing a perfect shaped gigantic V in the sky, during the Blood Moon. And, to make things even stranger for me, was that I snapped many photo's of it from my phone, iPad, and a Tablet, and the V was not be visual on any of the devices. But I took pictures of the Moon, and the sky to my right of clouds with some streaks of straight line clouds, and they turned out just fine. In fact, when I tried snapping the "V" there was a plane right near the bottom, per se, of the V, and the picture just showed a dark sky, and the light from the plane. There were also about 5 or 6 planes in the distance following the same path since that is the path to LAX. I'm sure there were pilots, and other's who must have seen it from above as well! Left me feeling like there was definately something above it. So glad someone else saw the same thing!

  2. Robin my name is Christian and I to live in Whittier. My wife and I saw the V on the night of the eclipse. In aw we where left.